Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homemade Oral Care Recipes

So today was a catch-up-on-making-the-necessities sort of day.  A move is impending (just over a week from now) and we were running low on toothpowder and my oral rinse.  I did not want to find my family with nasty mouths in the middle of a move, so I got to work.  Well, it isn't really work is it?

We use tooth powder to avoid the unnecessary additives in toothpaste.  Of course fluoride, being toxic and all, is on our "no" list, as is glycerine.  Apparently glycerine coats the teeth so they can not re-mineralize.  Yes, that is possible.  Dr. Weston A. Price observed that native peoples with the greatest immunity to dental decay included the organ meats of animals in at least one meal daily.  The foundation includes dietary guidelines for healing dental caries on their website.  I am in the process and will let you know how it goes periodically.  There are many other online sources for healing tooth decay.  I know that many promote the use of xylitol, but I am not a fan.  Xylitol is not a traditional food or an herb, but an alcohol sugar, and something not acceptable in my diet.  

The basic recipe I use is from Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir which I tweak from time to time depending on what I want.  I will include here what I made today:

Tooth Powder
1/4 c fine sea salt
1/4c baking soda
1/4c kaolin clay
2 T sage powder
2 T prickly ash powder
30-50 drops essential oil of peppermint, spearmint, or clove (I mix peppermint and clove usually)

Mix all dry ingredients.  Add essential oils and mix with a fork.

This makes enough to last our family of 5 brushers for a few months.  I keep it in a pint jar with a lid, of course.  I find that the essential oils will evaporate over time, so I tend to add more when I taste them less. 

The oral rinse is my own, excellent in place of a conventional mouthwash.  It is effective at killing bacteria as well as supporting gum health and re-mineralization of teeth.

Mouth Rinse
2 parts sage
2 parts rosemary
3 parts calendula
3 parts propolis
2 parts echinacea
3 parts myrrh
1 part peppermint

I use tinctures I have made from my own garden (which affect which ingredients I choose), with the exception of the propolis made by friend Lou Mckenzie, which I get from Sale Creek Honey Co at the Wednesday Main St market, and the echinacea and myrrh are from Gaia Herbs.  I also recommend the use of spilanthes in the rinse, though I did not have any on hand today.  A "part" being any unit of measurement you choose, I have just provided the ratio.  Depending on how much you want, one part could be 1mL or 1/2 cup.

Again, this rinse is designed for general oral health and gum disease.  Add two droppersful to a sip of water, or better, a bit of chamomile infusion (or calendula).  Swish for a minute or more.  Best results are achieved if you rinse 2-4 x daily.

Remember, the health of your mouth and teeth are indicative of the general health of your digestive tract, so if you have serious tooth decay there are other issues that must be addressed.  Bacteria and viruses find their way into the bloodstream through unhealthy gums and tooth decay and many health issues, including heart disease, have been linked to gum disease.  Healing your mouth is a good step in healing your whole person.


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