Friday, April 16, 2010

SALE!!! Serious overstock on tinctures!

Once upon a time, I thought my role as an herbalist was to be making and selling herbal medicines to the public.  The path has taken a turn, so now I have largish quantities of some herbs, all packaged up in 1 oz bottles and cute little labels.  I am offering them at what I think is a great price, as I sure can't find anything this affordable on the store shelves.  Some of them I have in large quantities, and others may have a bit of label damage, but the medicines are FINE.  I have used them all personally or with family/friends/clients.  

I am offering these extracts at $5 per 1 oz bottle plus shipping.  I estimate that to be around $2, but will charge exactly the cost, no more.

A lot of these are not "popular" herbs on store shelves, etc., but commonly used by grassroots herbalists for a variety of reasons.  I will give extremely brief descriptions of uses, and recommend you research their uses elsewhere if you are interested in one.  Matthew Wood's The Book of Herbal Wisdom, seems to me to be the most complete and useful profiles on these plants.  Susun Weed may also be another great resource. 

Dandelion Leaf-cooling, diuretic, urinary/kidney remedy
Cleavers-cooling, lymphatic
Woodland Nettle Leaf (laportea canandensis)- allergies, urinary, men's health
Violet-cooling, lungs, cysts, lymphatic
Red Clover-alterative, antineoplast, phytosterols, great for balancing hormones (both sexes),general good   health (I love red clover!  She will be making an appearance on the blog as soon as she is blooming!)
Wild Lettuce-  insomnia, pain (I love it for back pain), severe anxiety
Plantain - astringent, great for clearing wet lungs

If you are interested, contact me through FB or my email:

When they are gone, they're gone!


  1. Rachel, what is the shelf life? I am assuming quite some time ... I may want to stock my cabinet and my mom and sisters. I was thinking maybe 3 of each ... $35 plus shipping, right?

    Happy day to you!

  2. shelf life of ab/15yrs or a lifetime, as long as they are protected from heat and sunlight. Time alone should not damage them :) I have a paypal account accessible through my email addy. thanks!

  3. Do you have excess stock, surplus stock or are overstocked? We'll buy your excess stock! We also buy company liquidation and overstocks