Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Online Herbal Course in February 2011!!!

Though I haven't been blogging, I have been busy at work designing an online course for the caretakers of young children.  The course spans 5 months and will provide instruction and guidance on wildcrafting, various medicinal preparations, herbal energetics, the energetics of illness, as well as how to provide a nourishing foundation for health, and much more!  There will be an online community to share experiences and ask questions.  I'm keeping the group pretty small the first time around, so don't procrastinate!  Early birds get a discount too!

Using Herbs With Young Children   
Starts February 15th!

We live in a era when common sense has been 
abandoned and prescription drugs are being 
recommended for small issues in even the 
youngest children.  This time is an excellent 
opportunity for mothers and fathers to arm 
themselves with information on how to treat children naturally, at home in a healing environment, and in such a way that truly promotes long lasting health.  

This online course is designed to empower caregivers, providing them with a foundational materia medica and the confidence to treat common childhood ailments at home.  We will cover herb energetics and actions, simple medicine making and delivery methods specific to children, incorporating herbs into daily life, as well as the nature of illness, immunity, and supporting the body in times of dis-ease. 

The course includes: 
~10 lessons ( two per month) in pdf and mp3 formats and at least one video
~an online discussion forum, as well as 
~email access to me at any time.  

Registration must be completed by February 7th, and a supply list will be sent out at that time.  The list will be fairly short and affordable.  Some of the herbs will be available for wildcrafting at the time the lesson is published, and many of the remedies presented are common culinary herbs, so you may have them on hand already!  I do not expect anyone to invest a fortune in herbs in order to learn.  This can be an incredibly inexpensive approach to health!

Cost for the course is $250.  Monthly payments of $50 are an option and anyone paid in full by January 1st will receive a $30 discount.  

Sign up now!  Space is limited so that I can assure individual attention as needed.  
Contact me at  atinyseed@gmail.com

Required reading materials (can be found used online for cheap!):
Naturally Healthy Babies and Children- Aviva Jill Romm
The Way of Herbs- Michael Tierra

And if you currently vaccinate or plan to, I strongly suggest, though it is not required:
Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide- Aviva Jill Romm