Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Birth of a Blog

Like a child, this blog has been gestating in my consciousness for sometime.  Purpose?  Direction?

I have decided that I can not write a straight up herbal blog.  Plants are indeed amazing sources of nourishment and healing and should not be marginalized, but alone they do not constitute the health of a family.  A supportive lifestyle is necessary, and so it is that I will be sharing much more here.  Food, activities, philosophies, media, and other lifestyle choices will make their appearance just as frequently, all within the context of herbalism.

As we all know there is a health care crisis in this country.  I define it a bit differently than most.  In my opinion the crisis is not so much centered around insurance and the cost of care, but personal responsibility.  Education about food and herbs is essential to taking back personal power concerning care of our families.    So this blog was born in the spirit of sharing knowledge and experience, to help the mother (or father) be the family "doctor" like so many generations before.

I hope to share and inspire with information concerning clean traditional foods, using herbs with the youngest and oldest among us, and looking at what is under our feet, whether it be food or medicine.  We can use just what we have to nourish and transform our bodies/lives into examples of abundant health.  I too, am on this journey.

I want to help those in the Chattanooga area connect with local, organic food sources and the herbs in their yards.  We live in a wonderfully diverse and abundant pocket of the world.  May we use these blessings wisely and wildly. 

Personally, I am using this blog to help me refocus my eye on my family, to see the magic in everyday moments, and keep perspective on the beautiful little beings that have come to be in my care.  What do we need today, right now?  Are these needs being met by our lifestyle?  How can we simplify?  Purify?  And finally, to try after years of avoidance to find a voice as a writer, and learn to organize and edit my thoughts in preparation for bigger projects.   So thanks for joining me as I flounder around (joyously) in awkwardness.

Hopefully I will be able to coerce the occasional guest blogger, like the above mentioned yogi dad or some other local herbalists I know and love :)  I'll be back soon with something or the other...

With love,



  1. I am so looking forward to your blog. I am sure that it will be filled with wonderful information. May I introduce you on my blog?

  2. Right On Rachel!!! Thanks for re-inspiring me!!