Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Few Gems

Today was a little rough around the edges, as some days go.  There were a few gems to be salvaged...

Decanting of all things rose...honey, vinegar, elixir, and infused almond oil.  Yes, the oil IS divine, and I'm so glad the almond held up without going rancid on me.

A little weeding was done around the squash and cucumbers...or should I say a little meditation was done around the squash and cukes?

I managed to harvest a few fabulous elder blossoms before the evening rain.  They are now marinating in a bath of raw honey.  This is my very favorite infused honey.  Of course I eat it, blend it with medicines, but I also wash my face with it on special occasions.  I am back to honey as my daily face wash and I wonder why I ever deviate from that?  Delicious, luxurious, affordable, and I LOVE what it does for my face.  Oooh, thinking I might make up a scrub...

An afternoon snack an siesta on the front porch while we watched it rain.  There was a little nudity and raindrop bathing, too.  I decided to move our antique card table and chairs out to the porch for an outdoor eating area.  The porch is shaded all day and the kitchen gets hard evening sun, so I forsee a lot of dinners being eaten out there.  Today, we at breakfast out there, too.

We planted a few winter squash seeds...spaghetti, bush buttercup, Jeff Poppin's accidental pumpkin cross, butternut, and seminole (a native).   This was challenging considering the 21 month old and two little bouncy, ankle-biting puppies.  Jeez.  Everything Sophie, Emma, and I did was nearly undone two or three times!

Well, now there is some serious bath splashing (after the rain bath they covered their naked bodies in sunflower seed butter, go figure) and soon Daniel will be home.  Aaaah.  Feels good just thinking about back-up sometimes.  But before anymore relaxation happens, I need to figure out what fabulous dinner we are going to have on the front porch :)

What were the gems of your day today?  Please share!

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  1. This made me smile and feel so relaxed just reading it. You have such a beautiful family!